How to Do a Safe Zoom Playdate for Preschoolers

Zoom Playdate

My kids are 4 and 6.5 and they really miss the social interaction of friends, teachers, and school. Initially they were both awkward with screens and Zooms, but now they have weekly playdates with friends. Our first playdate was chaotic, all the children were speaking at onces, but now the kids look forward to them.

Playdate tips:

  1. Position your monitor and screen correctly by following these tips
  2. Make sure if you’re hosting you follow these safety protocols to avoid unwelcome visitors and hacking
    1. Don’t post the Zoom link online anywhere
    2. Make sure you enable a password, so uninvited guests can’t join
    3. Enable the waiting room so the host of the Zoom can let the children in one at a time and so no strangers pop in
  3. Distribute a topic in advance of the Zoom playdate to parents. When children are ages 3-6 they might need a prompt. Successful topics for us include sharing your favorite book and character you read this week. What was your favorite art project. What was your favorite activity that you did outside. What was the best part of your day?
  4. Once it’s time to Zoom the moderator (a parent usually) can let all the children in and say hi to each other for a few minutes then let everyone know that we are muting them.
  5. The moderator then asks the prompt, “Hello friends, who wants to share their favorite book and character that they read this week? Why don’t you raise your hands.”
  6. The moderator/parent then unmutes each child and lets them present their book/idea

Have a Zoom playdate idea? Share with us below!

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