How to Look Good on Virtual Meetings when Homeschooling

Video conference

We’re in week 2 of homeschool and week 5 of the kids being home from school. My children are 6.5 and 4. I’ve been on several playdates, birthday parties, and virtual classes with educators, other parents and children.

A majority of the time we cannot see an educators face or half a child’s face is cut off which makes for an awkard and less than optimal experience.

I used to train writers on how to do virtual Skype, Zoom, or Google hangout interviews and have done hundreds of virtual classes and webinars. A lot of the learnings can be applied to virtual school meetings.

This is how a lot of attendees typically look.

zoom meeting
The window is open behind me and flashing out my face

I came up with a list of best practices and list them out below.

Best practices for hosting/joining a Zoom or Skype meeting if you’re joining from a laptop:

1) Find a position that has a blank wall or backdrop that doesn’t have too many items in it and sit with your back facing that wall.

2) Do NOT sit with your back to a window. So many teachers and parents have made this mistake. An open, sunny window behind you might seem like a great idea, but it flashes your image and children can’t see your faces.  You can sit facing a window or perpendicular to the window.

3) Elevate the laptop on a book (or books) so the video camera you have is slightly above your forehead.

4) Keep the laptop at least 1 foot away from you. This will make sure your face doesn’t overwhelm the other screen.

5) Tilt the monitor slightly towards you.

6) Wear darker colors like blue or royal blue to contrast against your skin.

7) Smile a lot and don’t move around too much!

I’m sitting perpendicular to the window

Notice the difference? Good luck!

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